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Rainbow Koi offer a massive range of Koi and pond related products - simply select the category you require below.  We are currently adding our full product list, so if you don't see what you require please call - thank you for your patience.

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Pure Pond Evolution Aqua - Pure Pond
Pure Pond are biodegradable balls, crammed full of live bacteria that are slowly released when they are needed most. With over 8,000,000,000 bacteria per li......[view / buy]
from £9.99
Pure Pond Bomb Evolution Aqua - Pure Pond Bomb
PURE Pond Bomb. Have you tried it yet? Do you need an intensive, fast acting pond treatment? Do you need help achieving crystal clear, healthy water? If yes, E......[view / buy]
Stop Sludge Evolution Aqua - Stop Sludge
Stop Sludge Liquid quickly breaks down the organic waste which can coat all of the surfaces in your pond, pipes and filters. STOP Sludge Liquid contai......[view / buy]
Sludge Buster Blagdon - Sludge Buster
Ponds produce large amounts of organinc sludge such as dead vegetation, algae and excess food. This sludge blocks pumps and filters, and chokes ponds. The only ......[view / buy]
 Kusuri Klay Kusuri Products - Kusuri Klay
Increases water clarity. Remineralises pond water. Improves colour and lustre of fish. Improves growth and health DOSAGE: 1 L......[view / buy]
from £12.99
Dechlorinator Kusuri Products - Dechlorinator
Total Chlorine, including free chlorine and chloramine is added to municipal water supplies to kill bacterium. This in turn makes tap water safe for human consu......[view / buy]
from £6.99
Defoamer Kusuri Products - Defoamer
DEFOAMER can be used to disperse foam accumulation on the surface of pond water. Any foam present will disappear very quickly. The presence of foam on pond wate......[view / buy]
from £6.99
Filter / Starter Booster 500ml Kusuri Products - Filter / Starter Booster 500ml
Ready for immediate use, pour directly into filter chambers to boost the biological filter.  Especially important after medication of the pond, or just as ......[view / buy]
Filter Starter/Booster (pink) Kusuri Products - Filter Starter/Booster (pink)
One of the best filter starts/ boosts available. 100ml per 1000 gallons.  Two part home culture kit - not for immediate use. WHEN TO USE: On a new ......[view / buy]
from £12.99
Pro - 100 Kusuri Products - Pro - 100
A preventive treatment is intended to prevent infection, and assist in natural therapeutic recovery from disease infection. A number of very dangerous pathog......[view / buy]
Ammonia Remover NT Labs - Ammonia Remover
NT Labs Pond Booster Ammonia Remover 1kg   All-in-one Nitrate/Ammonia and Phosphate remover - helps control waste, improves clarity, prevents blanket wee......[view / buy]

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