Pond Design and Construction

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pond pond construction

We can offer you a complete pond design service from a 100 gallon pond to in excess of 10,000 gallons and can advise on the right filtration and associated equipment for your needs.  Once you are happy with the design we can construct the pond to your specification using either a pond liner or our own fibreglassing service.  Your chosen filtration including the necessary pipework which can also be supplied at a discounted prices and installed.

pond construction pond construction

Please contact us for further details and references.


Whilst there are a few ways of waterproofing a pond, such as rigid or flexible liners, G4 or other pond paint or fibreglassing, our opinion (and that of most koi keepers) is that fibreglassing offers the best finish to ponds.  There are no unsightly, bacteria holding, creases that can be found when using flexible liners, it can be used on any shape and is available in a choice of colours.

Filter construction pond construction

In addition to, or as part of our Pond Design and Construction Service we offer on-site fibreglassing carried out by our experienced fibreglassers.

pond fibreglassing pond fibreglassing pond fibreglassing

The cost for this service starts at £25 per square metre (fibreglassing filters and other complex shapes may incur an additional charge but will be discussed with the client prior to work starting). Please contact us for further details and references.

pond construction pond construction

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